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Re: W E L C O M E

On Thu, 23 Jun 1994, Peter Verheyen wrote:

> As people join, I think it would be nice if they would describe themselves
> and their interests. This will give me, and the others on the list an idea
> of who's "out there."
To that ends . . .

I am Daniel Ponech, a Ph.D. student in Religious Studies and Cultural
Studies at the University of Pittsburgh.  I am also the Production Editor
for the Journal of Ritual Studies, an independently produced journal that
comes out of the Religious Studies Department.

I am interested in the publishing industry as a whole, but am particularly
interested in the operation of small, independent presses.  More exactly I
am interested in the technical aspects of production and the opportunities
for the continued integration of more "high-end" output (CD-ROMS, WWW
Sites, etc.).

I have limited experience, save for a year of journalism school and
what I have been learning (voraciously) at the journal and look toward
this list as a resource that might guide me to greater learning opportunities.

Daniel A. Ponech		Welcome to the University of the 90's;
University of Pittsburgh	Where we've got what it takes,
				To take what you've got!
					David Reimer

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