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I'm delighted at the prospect of this new listserv and am responding to Peter
Verheyen's invitation to introduce myself to the list.

My name is Maggie Yax and I am currently Special Collections Librarian at the
Fordham Health Sciences Library of Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio.
My duties here are primarily archival, though we have a modest rare book col-
lection, a medical artifacts collection, and a nice secondary source collection
in the History of Medicine.  My interest in Book Arts is both professional and

I have had course work in letterpress printing and have produced a hand-printed
broadside and book.  I am currently on the trail of a small handpress and will
probably own one sometime next month so I can pursue my interest in letterpress
printing and hand-produced books.  I also have research interests in the historyof printing and have organized and mounted an exhibit entitled "Five Centuries
of Women Book Artists: Printers and Engravers 1478-1984."  (This exhibit was
mounted at the University of Illinois Nov.-Dec. of 1993 while I was there 
working on my MLS.)  I am currently combining the research I did for this
exhibit with research I did for another project on Medieval European Women Book
Artists to produce ? something...my thoughts are a bit vague right now on how
I want to use this, but I am thinking along the lines of a journal article on
women scribes, illuminators, engravers, printers, etc. etc.  Haven't yet deter-
mined context, time frame, or other particulars, but am mulling all this over
when I have the time.

Well, I don't want to take up much of your time, but I am excited about this
list and look forward to other introductions ("meeting" kindred spirits in
cyberspace) and an exchange of ideas, dialogue, assistance, etc. etc.


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