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Hello to all!

By way of introduction, I'd like to say that it's a crazy world
out there in library-land.  Yesterday I gave spoke to our local
Lions Club on the subject of the NII.  

>From there I visited a local archives where I've been offering
encouragement to a student who has been organizing, cataloging
and preserving some old local history documents  pertaining to
an old bank and the family who owned it.

The two worlds are so different.

Anyway, my real world is Coordinator of Technical/Automation
Services here.  I build a gopher in my spare time.  We are
about to intall a new HP Unix box, and will have a Mosaic
server.  I'm going to the Rare Book School this year to learn
how to make electronic texts and images of rare books.

We have two collections of materials from women here.  One
is pioneer women in an 8 county area along the Missouri River.
The other is the Constance Runcie collection, which includes
her letters, essays, poetry, music, art, and newspaper 
clippings.  We hope to eventually make much of this material
available via Mosaic as text and images.

Nice to meet all of you.  I'm really looking forward to reading
your introductions.

Best wishes,

Angela Secrest
Coordinator, Technical Services and Automation
Hearns LRC, Missouri Western State College
Internet: secrest@acad.mwsc.edu

	If that which you seek you find not within,
	you will never find it without.
		--Doreen Valiente, "The Charge of the Star Goddess"

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