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Paper and Book Intensive

I was speaking with Don Rash, a friend of mine, today and he reported that
PBI went very well except for the food. Are there any bookartists / binders/
printers out there who went to PBI, and might be willing to report on it. I
hear that the emphasis was heavily on artists books and printing/printmaking
this year.

Also I'd love to hear from anyone enrolled in or teaching in a book arts
program. I know there are a number out there: Scripps, Mills, Tuscaloosa,
Penland, A-HA, University of Iowa, University of Wisconsin. Having organized
the Guild of Book Workers last exhibition, I know that there are truely
amazing examples of work being produced. I invite anyoone producing such
work to post about it on the list. I'm sure there are many collectors on the
list who might be interested in them.
Peter D. Verheyen
Rare Book Conservator
Cornell University Library
B-39 Olin Library
Ithaca, NY 14850
Email: pdv1@cornell.edu

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