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Our forthcoming catalogue 29

Wilsey Rare Books will shortly (early July) be publishing Catalogue 29: New
Acquisitions, etc. We issue approximately four catalogues a year, listing
items relating to the history of illustration and typography and the arts of
the book in general. The present catalogue is quite slight, but does have
some (to me) rather satisfying items including a set of Goya's Disasters of
War, a copy of the David Jones Rime of the Ancient Mariner with a drawing,
etc. etc. If any member of the list (who is not already a subscriber) would
like to obtain a copy upon publication, please send a private E-mail to
avoid cluttering the list. We have cross-posted this message to several
lists, and trust this will not cause inconvenience.

             Edward Ripley-Duggan  <RIPLEYDUGGAN@DELPHI.COM>
                             WILSEY RARE BOOKS
              Phone: (914) 657-7057     Fax: (914) 657-2366
                          Compuserve:  76427,2455          

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