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Re: Patrick Ravines


The calligrapher I am working with is Burhan Zahrai and is a Lebanese residing
in Canada.  His specialty is arabic calligraphy and has done some in roman.  Our
interests are in doing traditional calligraphy on marbled papers - matching the
passage and its design (usually in black ink) with marbled background;  we are also
doing resists where the calligraphy is in the color of the paper (white or cream);
and are also doing overmarbling (2 - 3 times) to get various designs into the
calligraphy.  All quite exciting for us and hopefully for somebody who collects.

Yehuda and I are friends.  He lives in Jerusalem and is the tallest binder and
printer in Israel.  Yehuda does some fine printing and binding at his Shalom
Yehuda Press.  His street adress is 'Shalom Yehuda 3' hence the name of the press
and bindery.

I have mentioned this list to him and sent him the opening blurb.  I think he will
sign up.  At least I hope he does.

There are not many of us here.  I think including b&p conservators, those doing book
arts stuff may be a dozen at most.  Yehuda would probably know better.

How long have you been at Cornell?

chau, patrick
Peter D. Verheyen
Rare Book Conservator
Cornell University Library
B-39 Olin Library
Ithaca, NY 14850
Email: pdv1@cornell.edu

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