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Brief Bio of a Bibliophile

        I'm afraid that I am sort of an imposter here:  I have no
book-making skills, except as a writer and editor.  I am also an
archivist-in-training.  [This is my second or third career so far.
I wonder what I'll be when I grow up.]  I recently did a project on
one of Canada's premier book-makers, Tim Inkster and The Porcupine's
Quill Press, which stimulated my interest in beautifully-crafted
books.  I am about to take a course in the history of printing and
the book, so I am interested in following the technical discussions
in this listserv.  I also believe that, contrary to common opinion,
the book is far from dead.  But I think that the trend will be toward
more electronic books on the one hand and more exquisitely-made books
on the other hand ... the sort of books that a computer could not
emulate.  Anyway, that's my current theory.

            Sally Gibson      

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