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RE: Brief Bio of a Bibliophile

In message Mon, 27 Jun 1994 12:57:42 -0400,
  "SALLY GIBSON" <GIBSON@fis.utoronto.ca>  writes:

I recently did a project on one of Canada's premier book-makers,
Tim Inkster and The Porcupine's Quill Press, which stimulated my interest
in beautifully-crafted books.  I am about to take a course in the history
of printing and the book, so I am interested in following the technical
discussions in this listserv.  I also believe that, contrary to common opinion,
the book is far from dead.

Speaking of "beautifully crafted" books, do you know of an address for the
Chesire Cat Press which is somewhere in Ontario, I believe. They are
responsible for an incredible edition of Alice in Wonderland which was bound
by Eleanor Ramsey in the current Guild of Book Workers exhibition, which
someone here at Cornell would like to get.

On a different note are you a member of the Guild of Book Workers or
Canadian Bookbinders Book Artists Guild?


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