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    While no imposter, I am very new to the book arts.  For the past year I
have been an apprentice at the King Library Press at the Univesity of Kentucky.
I suspect very few people on the list will have heard of this Press, as it
usually takes between 2 and 3 years for us to publish a single title, and those
books are rarely seen outside of Kentucky's border.

    I cannot claim any area of expertise in the book arts, but I do harbor a
special fondness for the work of Victor Hammer who, incidentally, spent a
considerable portion of his life here in Lexington.  The University of Kentucky
owns a good amount of Hammer material, including the original wooden press
Victor had built for his _Stamperia del Santuccio_, so his presence is felt

    If I could, I would devote all of my time to working at the Press, which is
run on a volunteer basis, but other obligations eat up most of my time.  In
addition to working in the Press I am working towards my MLS, hoping to
work as a conservator or in Special Collections.  If all goes very well, I also
hope to found, along with another friend, a small book arts press of my own
someday.  I imagine many of my questions will have this goal in mind.

Looking forward to future discussions,

Patrick Points
Special Collections and Archives
Margaret I. King Library
University of Kentucky
Lexington, KY 40506
(606) 257-8611
e-mail: pbpoin00@ukcc.uky.edu

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