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Re: introduction

hello all

i'm jeff peachey and work in the conservation lab at columbia 
university.  i got interested in bookbinding while in college and put out 
an offset book called "stone styrofoam" on pinch penny press- which i'm 
sure no one has heard of.  later i moved to nyc and took classes and 
workshops at the center for book arts, worked with tim ely and became 
interested in unique books, and ended up in conservation.

currently i am working on an edition of three books, all hand painted 
titled  "son of detritus".  i've been in a few group shows, sold a few 
books, but like most artist books they end up in the closet. over the 
past year i've grown increasingly disillusioned with the "artist book" 
marketing and been trying to cross over into big general art market.  
thats where i'm at now.


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