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Having served a traditional apprenticeship and gone to trade-school, I am
very interested in how bookbinding is tought in other countries, especially
in light of the fact that we have nosystematized system for teaching it
here. What I remember from my years in trade-school and apprenticeship (7
years ago) was that the fundamentals of solid traditional bookbinding were
taught. We weren't taught how to develop alternative structures, the theory
being a: they're not "fachgerecht", ie sound and b: apprentices needn't
worry there heads over things like that. Developing standards of
professional competence is a topic which has been broached by the Guild of
Book Workers here, and and various other groups like the one in AIC which is
trying to develop standards at least in method for basic conservation work.
Currently the only fixed duration program for traditional" bookbinding here
is the North Bennett Street School in Boston, whose program was tought by
Mark Esser.

On a different note, what is the connection / relationship between the
Society of Bookbinders and Designer Bookbinders.

Good luck on the MG.

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