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Re: Hello! Any papermakers?

Beverly Allen says:

> Right now I'm working with borrowed mold and deckle, but would like to get
> my own.  Any of you experienced papermakers have suggestions for good
> suppliers for hand papermaking supplies and equipment?

I, too, am an amateur dabbler in papermaking. You can make your own
mold and deckle out of two identical picture frames--make sure they
are flat on one side, no dodads.  Stretching boards used by painters
for their canvases work well.  Cover one with screening of some
kind, and voila, you have a very simple mold and deckle.  You can 
weave a watermark into the screen with wire if you like.

I'd like to know how to make my own press, as you say your husband is 
making for you.  How is he doing it?  My "pressing", very amateurish, 
is done by ironing the wet paper between dish towels, not too 

Bob Maxwell

Robert L. Maxwell                           robert_maxwell@byu.edu
6380 Harold B. Lee Library                              or
Brigham Young University                        rlm@hbll1.byu.edu
Provo, Utah 84602
(801) 378-4406

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