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Re: Papermaking equipment and supplies

In response to Beverly Allen of Emory University:  inquiry about papermaking
equipment and supplies.  Here is a list of suppliers to contact, who can
supply you with literature and/or a catalog, and who usually attend the Dard
Hunter meeting each year.         

Timothy Moore makes a beautiful mould and deckle, both wove and laid styles.
He can be reached at:    Paragon Paper-Moulds
                         1384 Williamson Street
                         Madison, Wisconsin  53703
                         (608) 251-6673

Suppliers:               Elaine and Donna Koretsky
                         Carriage House Paper
                         at Brickbottom
                         1 Fitchburg Street  #C207                        
                         Somerville, MA.  02143
                         (617) 629-2337

                         Donald Farnsworth
                         Magnolia Editions
                         2527 Magnolia St.
                         Oakland, CA 94607
                         (510) 893-8334

                         Lee S. McDonald
                         Fine Hand Papermaking Equipment
                         P.O. Box 264
                         Charlestown, MA 02129
                         (617) 242-8825 

                         Kathryn and Howard Clark                         
                         Twinrocker Handmade Paper
                         P.O. Box 413
                         100 E Third Street.
                         Brookston, IN 47923

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