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Re: Another Bio to Contemplate

>DATE:   Mon, 27 Jun 1994 16:05:33 -0400
>FROM:   OWEN BRADFORD <Owen.Bradford@newcastle.ac.uk>
>To keep the ball rolling with the introductions here is mine!
>My career started at the age of ten when I bound my first book,
>(father is also a bookbinder/conservator) from then on I 
>was hooked.
>I joined the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, England in 1980 as an 
>apprentice and learned from the ground up. I have since been promoted 
>from Binder to Conservator and now to Deputy Bindery Manager covering 
>quite a lot of ground in the meantime (Disaster recovery,bookbinding,boxing,
>paper conservation and designer binding etc.). I have experience of working 
>in local county archive repair room and am a supply teacher for a 
>local school of art and design. (teaching bookbinding to degree level 
>art students and trade apprentices)
>I also take private commissions and we have a privately run  
>binding course involving three night classes a week and sixty-five 
>students. (this is always heavily over-subscribed)
>Outside of this I am also active in a local society which has an 
>interest in printing and I am Deputy Chairman of the North-East Region 
>of the Society of Bookbinders. (somehow in the middle of all this I'm 
>trying to restore a rusty old MG!)
>Hope I haven't bored you too much with this.
>PS I agree with the theory about the electronic book. I think there is 
>still life in the paper copy yet and printing and binding is enjoying 
>a lot of attention here these days. 
>Mr Owen Bradford
>Deputy Manager
>Bindery and Conservation Workshop
>The Robinson Library
>University of Newcastle Upon Tyne
>Tel : (+44) (091)-222-7663
>Fax : (+44) (091)-222-6235

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