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	I am a Cataloging Specialist with the Dartmouth College Library.  I
do all of the Arabic and Hebrew cataloging and more than 90% of the Russian. 
Also, over the years, I have been heavily involved with Special Collections,
cataloging Rare Bks., manuscripts, and maps, and doing "museum cataloging" of
various college realia.
	I have pretty much always been interested in books as "objects," as
well as vehicles for the transmission of the authors' thoughts.


From:         "OWEN BRADFORD" <Owen.Bradford@newcastle.ac.uk>

Tue, 28 Jun 1994 10:57:11 -0400
To: "Peter Verheyen" <pdv1@cornell.edu>
Subject: Re: Training etc.


Training in the UK is quite varied with the levels changing all of
the time. If you give me some time I will find out what is happening
country wide at the moment and report back.

As far as the classes we teach are concerned, we show basic
traditional techniques as a foundation but from there onwards we
encourage development. (which has brought us some interesting ideas
over the years). This form of teaching has proven popular with
traditionalists and designers alike. (we have students attending from
a local degree course in paper conservation, and are helping another
local University to develop binding as an option for their art and
graphic design students)

The Society of Bookbinders have no real connection with The Designer 
Bookbinders but some of our interests and members do overlap. (one of 
our local members is Trevor Jones quite an active and skilled 
designer binder).

Hope this is of some help to you. Anything else you want to know, 
don't hesitate to ask.

Mr Owen Bradford
Deputy Manager
Bindery and Conservation Workshop
The Robinson Library
University of Newcastle Upon Tyne

Tel : (+44) (091)-222-7663
Fax : (+44) (091)-222-6235

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