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Greetings! (again, actually)
I'm a bit of a klutz with these electronic doo-dads, and it would appear
that my first intro did not reach your inquiring minds, so I shall now try
again.  My name is Rebecca Stone and I am the Collection Development Asst. at
the American University Library in Washington, D.C. (read: MLS-less).  I, too,
am a bit of an imposter.  My interest in artists' books runs toward the
academic side, trying futiley to exhibit them and engaging in maddening
paper-writing excercises theorizing on the best way to store, exhibit, and
distribute said volumes.  One of my roommates and I have been experimenting
with handmade paper-making in the back yard with more success than we could
have ever hoped for.

And on that note, in response to the discussion about homemade presses: there
is a book, a rather amusing book, actually, called "Papermaking for Children"
[I will need to look up the citation again].  At any rate, there are
instructions for making just the press described by Peter Verheyen, with many
illustrations.  The book is hilarious, as it is obviously intended for very
young children, and is written as such, and yet gives instructions for
building this press.  There is a note in the text to the effect of "you may
need the help of someone experienced with tools for this project." I haven't
yet tried to build the press, but the instructions seem quite practical.

At any rate, I hope that I am now officially introduced.  I should add to my
bio that I recently completed my BA here at American in history and anthro,
my thesis being a study of pulp novels as cultural artifacts of the Cold War
era, you can all rest assured that I am over that obsessive nee manic stage
where I feel compelled to speak of nothing but MY THESIS......

Rebecca Stone, rs4508a@American.edu
Collection Development
The American University
Washington, DC20016

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