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I've beenreading some of these introductions with great interest. It seems
we have a pretty diverse group of people who while maybe not involved
full-time with the book arts, are certainly active. This is partially in
response to Jeff Peachey's and Rebecca Stones postings.

First off, Jeff, I don't think you'll find the "traditional" book arts
market any better than the artists book market. It seems the state of the
book arts, in general, as a viable , saleable artform is on the decline.
Having worked on the Guild of Book Workers exhibition and having been in
contact with many of the printers and binders, it's grim! Exhibitions help
make our art and/or craft (that's something which cause problems when you're
looking for venues) more visible and are actually well received. So what's
the problem.

A:     It doesn't fit on a wall, so you can't display it.
B:     Many books whether artists books or traditional seem not meant to be
       read and handeled.
C:     It's only a book. Why would anyone pay money to have something finely
       or even just nicely bound when they only paid $15, let's say, and a
       simple binding could easily cost 3x that.

I know Rebecca has probaly talked too much about her thesis, but it is
something which sounds interesting, maybe even to most of us out here.
It is something which relates to what Jeff was talking about though. While
we might not be able to solve all the problems of our art/craft we might be
able to come up with some ideas.

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