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Question to all practitioners and technicians out there.

IF, I were able to find a WWW server interested, how many out there would be
willing to submit entries for a (at this point) hypothetical book arts
including printing, papermaking... exhibition which would only exist here on
the net. As far as I'm informed now, it would require lots og .gif images
from all of you, and then someone to put together a hypertext "catalog" .
The images would come up when certain catalog entries are "clicked".
The .gif images can, as far as I've been told be scanned from slides, prints,
 or digital images. Maybe there cold be a theme for this as well

I would like to here from others on this. It is something which could work,
and which might be fun.


ps. I'm planning on taking a class in communication/graphic design/computers
in the fall, and this might turn out to be the project. We have to produce a
"book" for our grade. Book is used very loosly here...

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