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Exhibiting, selling artists' books

From: Tom Trusky <RENTRUSK@idbsu.idbsu.edu> 
Tue, 28 Jun 1994 23:23:20 -0400
To: Tom Trusky <pdv1@cornell.edu> (Peter D Verheyen)
Subject: Re: exhibiting, selling artists' books

The Hemingway Western Studies Center at Boise State University is pleased to an
nounce winners of its first annual Artists' & Eccentric Book Competition.  Nati
onal judges Martha Wilson, Ruth & Marvin Sackner, Judith Hoffberg, and Gay Walk
er, with regional judges, have selected the die-cut accordion fold CLEAR CUT by
 Sandra Lopez of Oregon and the postcard series CITIZENS FOR A POODLE-FREE MONT
ANA by Greg Leichner of Montana for multiple edition publication and a $500 awa
The HWSC competition seeks publication proposals (or re-publication of unique o
r limited editions) for multiple edition works on issues of special interest
to Rocky Mountain readers.  Offset, copier, or silkscreen production favored.
Winners receive publication, a cash award, and standard trade royalties.
The 1995 competition opens 1 September and closes 1 December 1994.  Send SASE
for guidelines to:  Artists' & Eccentric Book  Competition, Hemingway Western
Studies Center, Boise State University, Boise, ID  83725.

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