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I have a couple of questions and wonder if anyone out there has answers.

1.  I am looking for someone who sells marbled papers with coated 
(or slick, or shiny--take your pick) surfaces which could be used on 19th 
century bindings.  

2.  My second question has to do with the German combination press made 
by Schwab Metalworks (sold I think by Bookmakers and others).  There 
appears to be a design flaw with the 
plough, namely that the plough has a tendency to stain the edges of the 
book being ploughed.  The press at North Bennet Street School has done 
the same thing.  Mark E's analysis of the problem is that it appears that
the edge of the blade (which is round) cuts metal shavings off the guide 
on the press, which then get lodged between the blade and the plough 
until they reach their final destination on the edge of the book.  
Rather aggravating, as you can imagine.  Has anyone found a solution to 
this problem?

I have written to Schwab (about six weeks ago) but have yet to 
hear back from them.  If there is interest I'll post their response
(as soon as I can get it translated).

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