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On Tue, 28 Jun 1994 LABN@db1.cc.rochester.edu wrote:

> #1 What is the definition of "book", "artist's book", "fine binding",
> and /or "book binding".

i think establishing some sort of terms are essential to this 
discussion.  call me a luddite, but i do believe there is a difference 
between art, craft, and design. i went to a panel discussion on the 
difference between art and craft a couple months ago. one panelist, i 
forget his name, made the statement that craft is a material in search of 
an idea, and art is an idea in search of a material. but of course both 
these processes go on in a craft or artistic creation.

i guess there are also material biases that influence whether one 
considers something art or craft.  an artist was making a series of 
spheres, some in cement, some in clay.  her dealer told her the cement 
ones were art, and the clay were craft, and of course the art was worth 
two times as much. 

>> #2 What are the aspects of an object that make it described as a "book".
heres the short answer via Foucualt- if it is entered into the arena of 


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