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Fw: Re: your message

From: schuetze@calvin.usc.edu
Wed, 29 Jun 1994 13:12:09 -0400
To: pdv1@cornell.edu (Peter D Verheyen)
Subject: Re: your message

>Question to all practitioners and technicians out there.
>IF, I were able to find a WWW server interested, how many out there would be
>willing to submit entries for a (at this point) hypothetical book arts
>including printing, papermaking... exhibition which would only exist here on
>the net. As far as I'm informed now, it would require lots og .gif images
>from all of you, and then someone to put together a hypertext "catalog" .
>The images would come up when certain catalog entries are "clicked".
>The .gif images can, as far as I've been told be scanned from slides, prints,
> or digital images. Maybe there cold be a theme for this as well
>I would like to here from others on this. It is something which could work,
>and which might be fun.
>ps. I'm planning on taking a class in communication/graphic design/computers
>in the fall, and this might turn out to be the project. We have to produce a
>"book" for our grade. Book is used very loosly here...


I thought you might be interested to know that USC (Southern California) we
are in the process of creating a WWW exhibit using the scanned images and
text from a recent exhibit at the library titled "Imaging Books as Art."
The exhibit focused on recent artists' books and I think the WWW experiment
should prove interesting. I am not responsible for either the previous or
exhibit or the WWW project but would be happy to keep you posted on the


Marje Schuetze-Coburn
Feuchtwanger Librarian
Department of Special Collections
Doheny Library
University of Southern California
Los Angeles, Ca  90089-0182

voice: 213/740-7119
fax: 213/749-1221
email: schuetze@calvin.usc.edu

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