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My name is Marcia Watt and I'm the Preservation Librarian for the
Emory University Libraries.  I've been interested in and dabbled
with many book arts over the years.  My interest began when I studied
calligraphy and paleography at Reed College with Robert Palladino.
I've studied calligraphy with a few others from time to time and
continue to practice and hopefully improve.  My interest in
calligraphy lead me to other areas of the book arts and I've
taken workshops in marbling (which I LOVE), paste paper and non-
adhesive bindings.  I've also studied bookbinding, book repair and
paper history.  I collect interesting (to me) papers.  In my job
as preservation librarian I'm primarily an administrator, so I
rarely get to do "fun" things on the job.  I do have a little
studio at home where I can "play."  I worked at Yale for several
years in rare book cataloging and the preservation dept.  I even
worked briefly in the Arts of the Book collection at Yale and
continued to "hang out" there as much as I could get away with.

Marcia Watt
404 727-0306

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