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another introduction

Hello, my name is Jody Alexander and I am currently Head of Cataloging
at Emerson College in Boston, although I recently gave my notice and will
be resigning my position to become caretaker, with my husband, at an
estate on Cape Cod.  I am also a printmaker, book artist, book binding,
etc.  (no, I am not a book binding, I am a book binder).  My biggest
concern is how am I going to access this discussion group after my
internet connection is gone!  I'll have access to a 486DX in my new
home, any suggestion on avenues to access internet from a PC?  I've
been enjoying the discussions so far and am particularly interested in
notices of workshops and exhibitions.  I also have a few questions for
the list:

1.  I've been considering becoming a member of the Guild of Bookworkers.
What are the benefits of this group in your opinions?

2.  I am also considering persuing an MFA.  What are the benefits of this
in terms of teaching, exhibiting, librarianship, etc., in your opinions?
And, do you recommend going through a bookarts specific program or
molding a printmaking degree around the bookarts?  

Some loaded questions, I know.  Just curious to hear from some experienced

Thanx for your time,

Jody Alexander

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