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Re: definitions

On Wed, 29 Jun 1994 13:08:14 -0400, 
Jeff Peachey  <jp46@columbia.edu> wrote:

>On Tue, 28 Jun 1994 LABN@db1.cc.rochester.edu wrote:
>> #1 What is the definition of "book", "artist's book", "fine binding",
>> and /or "book binding".
>i think establishing some sort of terms are essential to this 
>discussion.  call me a luddite, but i do believe there is a difference 
>between art, craft, and design. i went to a panel discussion on the 
>difference between art and craft a couple months ago. one panelist, i 
>forget his name, made the statement that craft is a material in search of 
>an idea, and art is an idea in search of a material. but of course both 
>these processes go on in a craft or artistic creation.
>i guess there are also material biases that influence whether one 
>considers something art or craft.  an artist was making a series of 
>spheres, some in cement, some in clay.  her dealer told her the cement 
>ones were art, and the clay were craft, and of course the art was worth 
>two times as much. 
>>> #2 What are the aspects of an object that make it described as a "book".
>heres the short answer via Foucualt- if it is entered into the arena of 
Seems like the difference between arts and crafts is that arts imply 
inventive power, capacity for perfection in execution, a high degree of 
mechanical skill with subtelty and ingenuity in workmanship.  Crafts differ 
in that they show little or no creative capacity or ingenuity.  The *one of 
a kind* art image dissolves into a clever craft when copied multiple times 
onto a biscuit tin.  The original work remains art, the copies craft. Or so 
it seems to me.

Ms. Claudia M. Stall, Head
Collection Preservation/Mendery


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