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Re: definitions

>> What are those material biases? If you can get the material easily it's
>> craft? If it's a mass quantity of something, is that art? I know some
>> people who think it is.
>so i wonder if it is the materials- the leather/ cloth/ paper- or the 
>shape of a codex that prevent the status of art to be applied to it.

I can think of examples of the most mundane of materials considered art 
such as rocks, broken bottles, junk of all kinds, and tons of cement in the 
Watts towers in LA *is* considered art.  Paper alone or with shells, paint, 
or other found objects are artworks, too.  I saw a magificent Pegesus made 
of delicately carved wood and brass for wing joints by Hermez. Truly art in 
every sense but the materials used were basic.

Conversly, I see trees made of jade and other gems with gold wires that lack
the originality of art.  It takes a good deal of skill to make, as with
the needlepoint, but remains a craft no matter the materials.

I realize I may be treading on toes but this is just my own feelings about
the general subject.

>Is a blank book truly a book, as it contains no information?
>everything contains information
I think *book* is just a description of a format whether or not it contains 
any information.

.. the fact that the most perfect reproduction cannot 
>simulate the unique presence in time and space of the original. 
Creativity, ingenuity and degree of executive skill make it ART, in my 
view.  Having been a fine arts minor and a crafter all my life, I guess I 
see a distinction where others may not.  To me, it's the originality and 
inventiveness that set them apart.  The inspiration and originality of an 
artwork sets a barrier to crafters who, no matter how much of their own 
spin the put on it, are basically following a path already cut by others.

Also mixed in there is the control over the medium - guess that is part of 
executive skill somehow.

Ms. Claudia M. Stall, Head
Collection Preservation/Mendery


Be kind, do good work, and touch the earth gently.

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