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Re: definitions

People seem to be suggesting that the difference between art and craft 
is one of some sort of inherant talent or perhaps intent. Is a "craft"
done with distinction not an "art"? I don't know about needlepoint but
I've seen some incredible  "art" quilts that not only were beautifuly
crafted (there's that word again) but stunning visual explorations as well.

The same argument has been raging in photographic circles since the 
medium's birth 155 years ago. Is it art, craft, or science? Who's to say
(actually I still like to think it's just magic :-) .

Something that comes to mind is an essay by Ben Shawn from his book
_The_Shape_of_Content_ where he sums up the ideal education of an 
artist. If I remember to bring it I'll post it but I do remember that
it concludes with the idea that  anything done with distinction may be 
considered an art.

With that.....

Laura B

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