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Re: definitions

> >
> Creativity, ingenuity and degree of executive skill make it ART, in my 
> view.  Having been a fine arts minor and a crafter all my life, I guess I 
> see a distinction where others may not.  To me, it's the originality and 
> inventiveness that set them apart.  The inspiration and originality of an 
> artwork sets a barrier to crafters who, no matter how much of their own 
> spin the put on it, are basically following a path already cut by others.
> Also mixed in there is the control over the medium - guess that is part of 
> executive skill somehow.
> Ms. Claudia M. Stall, Head
> Collection Preservation/Mendery

the concept of art being something new and inventive has its roots in the 
19th c., perhaps earlier, and by the 20th. c. the modern art 
crusaders (modern art as a historical peroid) along with ezra pound and his 
tauntology "make it new" had changed the expectations of viewers.   

so i guess the question is do you consider renaissance art a craft?

i've also noticed some confusion between the phrase "its an art" and 
saying something is art.

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