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Having made these several posting on "definitions" I expect I
have an obligation to get around to introducing myself.

I have lived with books pretty much all my life, buying them,
bringing them home from libraries, reading them.  I saw them in
new lights, however, when in 1970, after college (Chicago), a
Woodrow Wilson Fellowship at Stanford, some life experience and
an MA in philosophy (Chicago), I went to work in the special
collections department of the then new Joseph Regenstein Library
at the University of Chicago.  I'd been on staff only a few weeks
when I was told it was my turn, among other things, to administer
our binding and preservation program.  That began an education.

Which lead to my becoming a serious, if distinctly amateur,
binder and maker of protective enclosures, a teacher of
elementary binding and boxmaking, a collector of old manuals; and
to an appreciation of papers, leathers, techniques, skills,
equipment, and history which I take pleasure in imposing on
others.  Since I have been, for ten years, curator of the special
collections department at the University of Tulsa, I have special
opportunities to do this.

About a year ago, the Guild of Book Workers placed a call for a
volunteer to coordinate book reviews for their newsletter. I had
just begun a term as book review editor for *Rare Books and
Manuscripts Librarianship*, and since I was surveying current
publication lists for items to review in that journal, it seemed
to me I might easily find reviewable materials for the GBW
newsletter as well.  It has not proved at all as easy as I

I would therefore very much welcome the help of this list, in two
regards: first, I would be grateful for notice of any recent,
current, or forthcoming publication you think merits review in
the *Newletter*; and second, if you would like to review it, I
would like to know that too.  I have a set of guidelines for
reviews which I am happy to share.

Sidney F. Huttner, Curator, Special Collections, The University of
Tulsa Library, 2933 East 6th Street, Tulsa, OK 74104-3123.
Ph: 918-631-3133/Fax: 918-631-3791. Internet: SFH@Vax2.UTulsa.Edu

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