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Type Cleaner

Terry et al:

Four or five years ago we purchased a cast aluminum Craftsman
press (the capital "C" isn't intended to set off a thread: it
was made by the Craftsmen Machinery Company) which arrived with
a metal gallon container labeled (in full):

TYPE WASH  / Exclusive Formula / Non-toxic - cleans type /
electros - halftones / steel rollers - bases / used by printers 
for over twenty years / distributed by American Printing 
Equipment and Supply Company, 42-45 Ninth Street, Long Island
City, NY.

We've not used much of it, but it does seem to work.  It is
certainly petrochemical but doesn't seem simply to be kerosene
and might be worth investigating.

If you know it is benzine, I would of course appreciate knowing

Sid Huttner, Tulsa 

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