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Re: Type Cleaner

> Terry et al:
> Four or five years ago we purchased a cast aluminum Craftsman
> press (the capital "C" isn't intended to set off a thread: it
> was made by the Craftsmen Machinery Company) which arrived with
> a metal gallon container labeled (in full):
> TYPE WASH  / Exclusive Formula / Non-toxic - cleans type /
> electros - halftones / steel rollers - bases / used by printers 
> for over twenty years / distributed by American Printing 
> Equipment and Supply Company, 42-45 Ninth Street, Long Island
> City, NY.
> We've not used much of it, but it does seem to work.  It is
> certainly petrochemical but doesn't seem simply to be kerosene
> and might be worth investigating.
> If you know it is benzine, I would of course appreciate knowing
> this.
> Sid Huttner, Tulsa 

touch a match to it and if it burns faster than kerosene it's probably


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