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Okay, I'll come out of the ethereal background to introduce myself too.  
I'm currently enrolled in the MLS program at the University of Maryland.  
I'm focusing on archives.  I'd like to get into a conservation/preservation 
program in the area. (if anyone knows of either entry level or internship 
possibilities in the DC/Balt. area please let me know.)  I don't 
have much experience with book arts.  I've done some repairs and 
binding with junk books.  I do have extensive experience in 
bookstores, from new to used.  I managed a used bookstore in DC for 3 
years.  I've been a buyer, and a seller, and I've 
scouted books for others.  But I'm currently working for 
the govt - at the National Agricultural Library.

Also - I'm a writer, a poet - which is my particular perspective on book 
arts.  A poem is where it takes you.  A well written book is twice as 
nice if well crafted - oooops.  I was not intending to use the 'c' word. 
I'll just say I don't really think you can separate the two.  

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