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Re: Testing Benzine

> Peter:  do I got this right?
> I go out and buy some benzine.  Then I rig up small quantities of
> benzine and Type Wash.  Which I light afire (in a well-ventilated
> space?), noting which substance takes longer to complete combustion.
> This tells me what?  Should I maybe get some kerosene while I'm 
> after the benzine and run a three way test? 
> Want to skip Science and go back to Art vs. Craft?
> There is, by the way, general agreement in Tulsa that last night's
> fireworks were particularly brilliant.  Am trying to determine if that
> was Art or Accident.  Indeed, it occurs to me, if the pyrotechnic 
> craftsmen are still around maybe I can get advice on Science.
> Sid Huttner, Tulsa

Sorry, Sid, I got carried away.  Couldn't resist it.  I'm waiting for someone
to warn the kids not to try this at home.  --pg

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