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Re: Quilts

     That's a good one.  Bev told me that you told her about this list -
     I'm going to join it.

     How are you surviving the flood?

     I'm really worried about my dad.  Plan to go home a week from today -
     I don't think that I can manage it before the.  That sucks, eh?

     Talk to you later.

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I thought you'd enjoy reading this.
Original message 
I can't resist the temptation to pick up the thread on quilts with
an anecdote which appears in a article in the current issue of *The 
Chronicle of Philanthropy* and concerns a woman who has developed
a highly successful crafts consortium in North Carolina.  Contract 
work is broken down into assignments untaken by several hundred 
women, most working from their homes, part and full-time.  The
economic impact has been considerable, and perhaps more considerable 
has been the impact on the women's sense of personal worth, or so the 
story reports..

The manager, in any case, recently learned that a quilt made by three 
women, 65, 75 and 85, had been purchased by Paul Newman.  She called
the youngest to share the news, and the woman responded, "And my 
husband and kids all told me nobody would ever buy anything I made." 
The 75 year old said, "Why, I would have given it to *him*."  The
85 year old met the announcement with dead silence, and the manager, 
thinking perhaps she was more deaf than she recalled, repeated the 
message more loudly.  The woman answered, "Oh, I heard you the first 
time, honey.  I'm just imagining.  Paul Newman's buns on my quilt."

Sid Huttner, The University of Tulsa.


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