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Re: questions

On Wed, 29 Jun 1994, Mark Andersson wrote:

> 1.  I am looking for someone who sells marbled papers with coated 
> (or slick, or shiny--take your pick) surfaces which could be used on 19th 
> century bindings.  
No one has yet replied to mark's question and since I am curious about it 
as well, I thought I'd add my voice to his.  I am beginning to marble and 
have only used uncoated paper.  I have used SC-6000 and Renaissance Wax 
to coat papers I've used on artists books and blank journals (endsheets
and cover paper).  Both give a shiny surface to the paper but I don't
know how these products hold up to conservation
standards and I have not used them in my repair work.  Any one know about
this  or have an opinion?

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