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Hello all.  A word of introduction.  I'm an MFA student at Indiana University
in Bloomington and also studied at the Oregon School of Arts and Crafts for
three years. Officially I've always been in the textile depatments but am at
home in other media as well.  About a year ago I maade a book out of fabric and
have made a number of them since then. I also make quilts for the wall but
reached a point at which they felt too removed from the viewer (and from me,
the maker).  For me there is a real affinity between the quilts and the books--
as objects which carry histories; as objects for which the tactile qualities
are extremely central and important; as objects assembled (perhaps) from
various different elements.
	I'm curious about what other people are making. To talk about such
visual, physical things via this format is indeed odd.  Perhaps people could
try describing a current or intended (or dream) project.
	I guess I'll leave it at that for now.
		Steve Hohenboken

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