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Re: re:concern

Whatever the original aims of the people setting up the list (Peter's, 
for instance), email democracy ensures that it will come to reflect the 
interests of the people who use the list.  This is a smaller group of 
people than the entire sum of readers. I, frankly, look to it as a possible
source of assistance and information.  When one and a half persons are the 
entire repair/conservation "team" for a collection of 1.5 million books no
source of assistance can be overlooked.  My question for the list is how 
do you (the other list readers) document what gets destroyed in the process
 of recasing or rebinding older books (say 1850 and earlier)?  Those of you 
who are not benchworkers have as much a stake in the question as persons 
responsible for maintenance of collections or as friends of books as do 
benchfolk.  It seems to me that too much of the descriptive history centers 
on decorative features instead of structural ones.  Sewing structure seems 
the most obvious feature worthy of record to me, but one is not always able
to record it in concise verbage.  Sewn up, sewn two up, sewn by a drunk in 
advanced dementia?
Dorothy Africa
Harvard Law School Library

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Subject: Marbled paper

Can anyone recommend suppliers of hand-marbled papers in Britain? I am told
that Paperchase still stock Cockerell papers but their nearest branch is
now some distance away.

Gaden S. Robinson, Biodiversity Division, Department of Entomology,
The Natural History Museum, Cromwell Road, LONDON SW7 5BD, UK.
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