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From:  Peter Graham, Rutgers University Libraries

JP just said,
>a good current example of how perception of different mediums might be a
comparison of Kieffers paintings and books.
i would love to be able to look through one of Kieffers books and compare
the experience to looking at his paintings.<

Most of Anselm Kiefer's "books" are simulacra, i.e. they are book-shaped
objects (BSO's).  One piece is his enormous shelves full of lead books with
pages of lead sheets.  

Another was on display early this spring at a 57th st gallery I visited.  It
was a table full of bound volumes of various kinds, mostly blank, some with
routine accounting figures of no obvious origin... i.e. not narrative texts. 
Table was stacked several deep throughout its 3x6ft size, invited contact.

I handled several and carefully moved them around, treating them as I
would any pieces in special collections, and chatted with the gallery
attendant.  I came back a bit later for a second visit and the gallery
attendant then on duty asked me to wear white gloves (provided) if I
wished to handle the books.  Fair enough.  While looking at something
else in the gallery I noticed the attendant bringing over someone she
knew to look at the books; they handled them at length without gloves.
Clearly people who might be buyers seem to have cleaner hands.
This has always been true.  --pg

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