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PLEASE READ: Options syntax

To communicate with the list, send to Book_Arts@Cornell.edu

Subscribers may select options to specify preferences to interact with lists.
To change these options, send the following command via email to

set Book_Arts-L mail value

where "value" is:
ACK       Acknowledge my postings by sending me a copy.
NOACK     Don't send me a copy of my postings. This is the default setting for
          all lists.
DIGEST    Don't send me any individual postings, but rather send me a periodic
          digest of postings. The default is 1000 lines or 24 hours.
POSTPONE  Don't send me anything. Used when going on vacation. You will need
          to SET the option back to one of the above in order to receive
          postings again.

To leave the list at anytime, send the following command via email to

unsub Book_Arts-L

If you have any questions about Book_Arts-L, contact Peter Verheyen at

If you have any questions about the CIT list server, contact the list server
manager, at listmgr@cornell.edu

Peter D. Verheyen
Rare Books Conservator
B-39 Olin Library
Cornell University Library
Ithaca, NY 14853
607 / 255-2484

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