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win a prize!

"Imperitis pro lectione pictura est" - on the honor system now, no loking it
up, and a small reward to the first person who correctly translates the Latin
tag, and identifies the 15th century book it appeared in

hint - it relates to comments in this string about the book, the church, and
money (kinda)

Girdle bindings always seemd curiously impractical to me - having a book
slapping away at your thigh isn't good for either - and the few I've seen
didn't seem to have a string to wrap around the thigh like a holster - hence
holster bindings which existed in the late 18th century in America - there
was an atlas of the north-east US that was designed specifically to fit in a
"holster" case for the British officers to carry as they tracked down the
renegade rag-tag Yankees...

all this apropos of nothing except that I for one am enjoying the wonderful
mish-mash of this newsgroup!

John Windle Antiquarian Bookdealer

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