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Re: win a prize!

> "Imperitis pro lectione pictura est" - on the honor system now, no loking it
> up, and a small reward to the first person who correctly translates the Latin
> tag,

The ignorant look at the picture instead of reading the text.

Sort of like how I read National Geographic.  Or perhaps this Latin 
motto should be affixed to the cover of Playboy to make all those 
people who "just read it for the articles" feel good?

> and identifies the 15th century book it appeared in

Sorry, no idea--can I get half the prize?

Bob Maxwell

Robert L. Maxwell                           robert_maxwell@byu.edu
6380 Harold B. Lee Library                              or
Brigham Young University                        rlm@hbll1.byu.edu
Provo, Utah 84602
(801) 378-4406

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