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Re: Artist's Books

Rebecca Stone writes:

|Asking one to define artists' books on a Friday afternoon is a cruel thing
|indeed, but I will take a stab at an answer.  In short, there is no 

***I apologize for the arrival time of the message, but I, for one, 
appreciated the effort.   This issue of there being no accepted definition 
is one which I have seen raised, and one which has now presented itself to 
me.   I would like to think that Rebecca is right in saying that if the 
creator calls it art, then it is art.   But, then, the difficulty of how to 
deal with that word "book" arises, as Rebecca noted in her example of the 
scheduling of her paper on artists' books.   I wonder, perhaps, if I just 
shouldn't consider these items as something which challenge me to rethink my 
conventional view of what a book is, and what it should do.   This might, 
indeed, prove a worthwhile process.   However, I then begin to wonder what 
the relationship is between "traditional" endeavors in the "book arts" and 
artists' books........

I muse aloud, probably another Friday afternoon cruelty, but am most 
interested in this issue, and would enjoy hearing from those who practice in 
the field of books arts to be able to understand how they view these 

Thanks again,

Katherine Matthews
Preservation Office
National Library of Canada

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