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Re: Artist's Books

Perhaps some of the difficulty in defining what an artists book is derives from
the dual ambiguity of the historical precedent of the livre d'artist and the
grammatical form "artists *book*". The former, of course, used some standard
text as a (con)text for an artist's illustrations. The latter, more recent item,
is an objet d'art in itself. Many notable binders have crossed whatever fuzzy
boundary exists between the craft they pursue when they 'bind books' and the art
they pursue when they create an object that is art using the book form. There
seems to be no need to distinguish, say, fine bindings as 'art' that is made on
the surface of a text block, and an 'artists book' that is 'art' that resembles
a book. It sounds like proposing that painting a round surface produces an
object that is findamentally different as a kind of 'art' than painting on a
flat surface.

The thorny question of art-ness is probably one that is best avoided...

Don Pollock

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