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Re: Book Shaped Objects

BSOs and Livres d'artiste and artists' books and art books and books of art -
what a confusion! or is it? Obviously anything shaped like a book is a BSO
and, as books come in all shapes and sizes and have done for a long time,
that should be that...

a livre d'artiste is generally accepted in the book trade to be (to take
perhaps the best known example) a work in the genre of Matisse's Jazz -
original prints in whatever the medium may be presented in the book format
(however loosely - Arion Press published a book that was circular and came in
a can)

an artist's book (to us dealers anyway) is a work of art presented by the
artist as a book - no matter what the form. Jan Sobota made a book that hangs
on the wall like a print (I have it here, ironically in a box on a shelf);
other artists (especially binders) have made objects where "book" is the
starting point for their creativity. As long as I can take it to European
book fairs and call it a book so I don't have to pay taxes on it (books are
not taxed, art is...), it's a book.

Art books and books of art - all of the above and coffee table books too -
well it must be Friday - I'm shot - let the string continue! 

John Windle

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