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BSOs...the continuing saga

Just read the latest from Peter Graham "My analogy here doesn't work, because
at least they could play the PSO; one can't read a BSO" - as a rare book
dealer (and I am unanimous in this!) neither we nor our clients EVER read our
books - drives down the value don't you see - but they are still books aren't
they, though unread for lo these many years, decades, nay centuries?

John Windle  

So now we add the class of actual books that are "virtual"BSO's because of 
their rarity or value...

Moving out of the realm of artists' books, I began thinking of an example of
another type of BSO...the functional or decorative. 

I just finished working on one such for my in-laws...a Victorian-era musical
photo album which is half music box and half photo album (it's designed so that
it plays music when it's opened.) Half of the "textblock" is album pages, and
half is hollow wood with the works inside, the edges scored and gilded to mimic
the gilded page edges. A semi-BSO, perhaps? I suspect that its pages will never
be filled with photographs and turned; its interest is now as a music box.
(it was enough like a book to warrant my being requested to replace the spine,
which had gone missing at some unknown point in the past.)

There seems to be a continuum from the book to the BSO. The music
box seems to be close to the middle. I suspect there also exist music boxes
which eschew anything but simulated pages...And from here we move into the chao of book-shaped boxes, and safes, andjewelry (some of which again intersect 
artists' books or Real Books<tm>).

Having further clouded an already murky issue, I'd best bow out now...

Maggie Young 

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