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Re: Phase Box Maker

On Fri, 15 Jul 1994, Brian McKinney wrote:

> Does anyone in this group know of anyone interested in selling a used PHASE BOX MAKER; our as I call it sometimes a creaser?
> Many thanks,
> Brian D. McKinney
> mckinney@medicine.wustl.edu
i worked in a conservation lab at teachers college a while ago, and they 
had jerry rigged one that used the clamp on the board shear. you only had
to losen  2- wing nuts to bring a piece of metal below the bottom of the 
clamp, then place a guide on the bed of the shear. difficult to describe, 
but i can send a diagram via s-mail if you are interested. 

jeff peachey

BTW- lets not forget bookworks-the term a lot of NYC galleries seem to 
favor at the moment

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