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Using MAGNETS to close PHASE BOX flaps.

We are asking for information from anyone that uses MAGNETS as a way of closing PHASE BOX flaps.  We have heard of at least one library that does this procedureinstead of using Velcro or tieing the flaps down.

Question we have are:

1. - Do the Magnets activate your security system when you try to walk out the door with the material?

2. - If you use security strips with the material you have phase boxed; does it cancel out your security strip?  We use the Knogo system.

3. - We are not planning on storing magnet materials in these boxes, but wonder if we should be concerned with the magnets destroying magnet tape, disks, etc. if set next to a phase box with a magnet closed flap?

These are a few questions we have concerning this procedure.

Any comments or questions are welcome.

Many Thanks For Your Time,

Brian D. McKinney
Washington University School of Medicine Library
St. Louis, MO 63110

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