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  • Magnets, Richenda Brim
  • Re: BOOK_ARTS-L digest 24, Marcel Lemay
  • Syntax Vol 2, Peter D. Verheyen
  • PHASE BOX MAKER Plans you discussed, Peter David Verheyen
  • hmmmmm.... ("cocktail hour" on Friday), Marisa A Januzzi
  • Latin, AFRICA
  • Re: Medieval book envy, AFRICA
  • Using MAGNETS to close PHASE BOX flaps., Brian McKinney
  • BSOs...the continuing saga, Maggie Young
  • Phase Box Maker, Brian McKinney
  • read it?, JohnW10562
  • Book Shaped Objects, Jeff Peachey
  • Artist's Books, Matthews Katherine
  • documentation, Bryan.Draper
  • MAIL SETTINGS, Peter David Verheyen
  • win a prize reading comment, Robert J. Milevski
  • Re: RISD bookarts?, evigneau
  • Classes, Kimberly Barata
  • win a prize!, JohnW10562
  • Lifting cover art., Peter David Verheyen
  • PLEASE READ: Options syntax, Peter David Verheyen
  • WARNING, Jeff Peachey
  • Girdle books & Warning, Peter David Verheyen
  • Documentation, Peter David Verheyen
  • "stabilizing" an old suede leather cover, Daniel Dumych
  • Re: Bookarts history, theory, etc., John Charles
  • type wash, Beverly Schlee
  • concern, Craig jensen
  • Re: questions, Artemis Bonadea
  • RBS Lectures, Terry Belanger
  • intro, Kurt Kuss
  • Testing Benzine, Sid Huttner, McFarlin Library, Tulsa
  • Type Wash, Terry Belanger
  • Type Cleaner, Sid Huttner, McFarlin Library, Tulsa
  • Form/content, Terry Belanger
  • definitions and list purpose, Peter Graham
  • No Subject, Scott K. Kellar
  • Introduction, Sid Huttner, McFarlin Library, Tulsa
  • Definitions (last posting), Sid Huttner, McFarlin Library, Tulsa
  • Quilts, Sid Huttner, McFarlin Library, Tulsa
  • Re: definitions, Jeff Peachey
  • I was down can you help me up?, evigneau

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