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Paring blades / Publications

Scharf-Fix blades are also available from Trudi Eberhardt who also sells the
Scharf-fix itself. Blades are sold 100 for $20 plus shipping. I was told
these are better than generic double edged razor blades because the steel is
harder and the bevel of the blade is different, ie designed for the unit.

On the subject of papermaking, there is a book out called Paper Pleasures,
by Faith Shannon which covers among other things making paper out of
different materials and adding flora and fauna(feathers) to the pulp. Papers
like this are also commercially available and usually of Japanese origin, as
well as being quite attractive.

As to squirreling and cating... I tried the cat thing and payed for it,
dearly. I still have one scar on my arm. The other concern is what are you
using for color. Cats like their paws so, you wouldn't want anything toxic.

The April issue of Bookways has reviewed a number of press books, among

A Paper Journey: Travels among the village papermakers of India and Nepal,
Nigel Mcfarlane, 1993, 103 pp, illus with 20 paper samples. Edition of 210.
$215. Available from Oak Knoll Books, 320/328-7232.

A Collection of Paper Samples from Hand Paper Mills in the US, Peter and
Donna Thomas, 1993. 120pp of sample folio sheets. Printed letterpress with
statements by the various artists and mills. This book will be featured in
the Guild of Book Workers next exhibition which will open at University of
Rochester in the Fall of 1995. For more information on this show, write
pdv1@cornell.edu. Edition of 195. $395 reg. and $645 in 1/4 leather.
Available from the Good Book Press, 408/475-1455.

Practical Typecasting, Theo Rehak, 221pp, illus. Available from Oak Knoll
Books, 302/328-7232. $64.95. This is a "manual" on the production of high
quality printing type. Divided into two parts: Typecasting Machines and
Techniques" and T"he Service Crafts" which deals with engravinf, making
matrixes etc.

Taking Part: A 20th Century Life, Robert Josephy, University of Iowa Press,
1993. 225pp. $19.95. Available from the U of I press, 1 800 235-2665.
This book deals with the authors carrier and life in publishing during the
20's - 40'swith such publishing houses as Knopf, Viking, Harcourt Brace...
He designed not only texts but also trade books (and wiskey labels) and
played with typography.

The Book Arts Directory, 1994 ed., Page Two, Inc., $6. (PO Box 77167,
Washington, DC, 20013)

AND MANY, MANY MORE TITLES................

Peter D. Verheyen
Rare Books Conservator
B-39 Olin Library
Cornell University Library
Ithaca, NY 14853
607 / 255-2484

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