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more binderish verse...

I'm enjoying these stories and poems of bookbinders of yore. Here's a riddle
(modern-1988) composed and printed by Pam Barrie in Chicago.:


I saw a strange being,  neither man nor beast,
Clothed closely about  in a cloak of fine leather;
Two head-bands it boasted,  though brow had it none;
Its spine, with strong sinews  sewn supply round,
Bore leaves, like the palm--  though plant was it neither.
It blood, black and red,  ran in runes and riddles;
Its flesh was meat  to the moth and mouse,
And tongueless, it told  truth to the many;
Eyeless, was augur,  and handless, good help
To kings and counselors,  and to common folk,
Whoever would listen  with eyes to its lore.

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